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    Tokyo Sukkiri

    As different types of technology progress every day, so does the technology for toilets.

    They are now more hygienic, more convenient, and above all safer.


    Non-electric water powered mechanism eliminates the need for electrical work and means no worries about electric shocks or short circuits.

    Easy Installation

    “Any toilet”
    Easily installed in 30 minutes (average).
    A Phillips-head (crosshead) screwdriver and a 24mm spanner are all the tools you need.

    150 kg Guarantee

    Tokyo Sukkiri is designed to handle up to 150kg with ease – peace of mind for larger users.

    Anti Bacterial Material

    The toilet seat, lid, nozzle and all other parts of the productare made with antibacterial materials to ensure continuousgerm suppression.

    Rear Nozzle &
    Front Nozzle

    Designed with a Rear Nozzle to powerfully clean your bottom, and a gentle Front Nozzle for females. The nozzles feature a self-cleaning mechanism and dirt resistant angled golden nozzles.

    Tokyo Sukkiri Type C

    Tokyo Sukkiri Type S